Week 20 – Courage

stones-451329__340This week with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I focused on the characteristic of COURAGE. Merriam-Webster defines “COURAGE” as “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”

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Week 19 – Fake It & Become It

Week 19’s webinar included the Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy, a social scientist, on “Your body language may shape who you are”.  I immediately saw the benefit that her two minutes-a-day body posture change make on my life and feelings as well as my clients lives and feelings. Cuddy was using the concept of nonverbal body language. There is plenty of peer reviewed evidence that supports that people make judgments on about others based upon nonverbal body postures and facial expressions. By extending this concept beyond how other people think and feel about us, Cuddy viewed how our nonverbal body language makes us feel. Why this is important is because we are talking about our thoughts, our feelings, and the bio-chemical reactions including our hormones that occur from our thoughts and our feelings. If we can easily make a shift in our nonverbal expressions that change how we think and feel about ourselves, then the choices we make, and behaviors and actions we do can also change. Continue reading “Week 19 – Fake It & Become It”

Week 18-Living Today as if it was My Last

In the middle of week 18 of the #MKMMA  we moved onto the fifth scroll in Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World. The scroll was entitled, “I will live this day as if it was my last”.  Continue reading “Week 18-Living Today as if it was My Last”

Week 17HJ – Pretending Not to Know

Today’s #MKMMA webinar threw us a curve ball as we are are not moving on to lesson 18.  We are revisiting several previous lessons as well as contemplating this week on a game changing question. The question is, “what am I pretending not to know?“  In some ways the question is like a stomach punch because it really hits home to areas of my life that I let the old blueprint of fear, low self-esteem, or physical challenges prevent me from doing the actions that will create a different life and future than I have right now.
What Am I Pretending Not to Know

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Week 17 – Character & Consciousness

This week in the Master Keys, Haanel writes about man having “dominion over all things” through our Mind. In 17:10 Haanel writes, “ spiritual truth is there for the controlling factor; it is this which will enable you to grow out of limited attainment and reach a point where you will be able to translate modes of thought into character and consciousness.“ With the concept of spiritual truth we come into it alignment of spiritual and physical laws, with spiritual laws being of a higher order then physical laws.
Character & Consciousness

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Week 15 – Nature’s Greatest Miracles

Week 15 in many ways is the start of new beginnings. We had our last webinar on Saturday, December 30th helping us transition as 2017 ended into the new year of 2018. The first day of 2018 brought us to Week 15’s Lesson of the Master Keys where Haanel explains that “the laws under which we live are designed solely for our advantage.” It is also the start of a new scroll, scroll IV from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. Scroll IV proclaims that “I am nature’s greatest miracle”.